Postal codes for Polarnaa Ulica, Egvekinot Poselok gorodskogo tipa, Iul'tinskij Rajon, Cukotskij Avtonomnyj okrug, Russia

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Postal code: 689201

FIAS database information

Postal code: 689201
Formal name: Polarnaa
Official name: Polarnaa
Global unique address object identifier: 381f7a80-4aa5-4905-a30c-b053a5018e4d
Address object level: 7
Code of the object of administrative and territorial division (OKATO): 77215551001
Area code: 004
KLADR code: 87004000001004451
KLADR code without a sign of relevance: 870040000010044
City code: 000
Record status: 51
Record validity date: Mon, 01 Jan 1900 00:00:00 +0000
IFNS FL code: 8709
IFNS UL Code: 8709
Record identifier from followed historical record: 4f9cf434-2910-4408-ab33-fd37766dbe95
Record action status: 42
Parent object identifier: c163bdee-9c78-4c01-ad44-922e0b62e1df
Record identifier from previous historical record: 0b2acbb1-786a-47da-a6f6-506c798b8e88
Region code: 87
Short name: ul
Record start date: Mon, 01 Jan 1900 00:00:00 +0000
Street code: 0044
Territorial code IFNS FL: 8704
Territorial code IFNS UL: 8704
Update date: Sun, 19 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0000
Intracity area code: 000
Additional address forming element code: 0000
Subordinate additional address forming element code: 000
Plancode: 0000