Почтовое отделение "BRONVILLE" расположено по адресу BAREND STREET, Mathjabeng, Free State

Post office name: BRONVILLE
Post office type: PO
Classification: D
Area: Southern Free State
Province: Free State
District municipality: Lejweleputswa
Local municipality: Mathjabeng
Nodal point: NO
Cost centre code: 51312
Open date: 01.10.1991
Updated date: 10.11.2010
Street Address: BAREND STREET
Town/City: WELKOM
Postal Code Box Code: 9473
Postal Code Street Code: 9473
Service: U
Urban Rural: URBAN
Built-in Counters: 1
m² of Public Area: 9,38
m² Of Back Office Area: 0,00
m² Size Of Outlet: 9,38
Average No Of Transactions: 5435
Online: On-Line
Rented: Yes
Predominant language spoken in the area: Afrikaans
Motor vehicle lcences: No
Number of needy households: 3179
Branch contact number: 057-3941541
Branch fax Number: 057-3941541
Monday-Friday: 8:00
Wednesday: 08:30
Saturdays: 8:00
Sundays: Closed
Holidays: Closed

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