South Africa Zip Codes

South Africa is a country that covers an area of ​​more than 1.2 million square kilometers. At the moment, its population is more than 56 million people, most of whom live in cities and suburbs. Each locality has at least one post office. In total, there are over 2.5 thousand post offices in South Africa. Postal codes are a code in the South African post office numbering system. They were introduced on October 8, 1973 after the automatic sorting was introduced into the mail delivery system. Zip codes serve to simplify the delivery process and eliminate confusion.

Index Format

Postal codes in South Africa include 4 digits. If we are talking about large cities and towns, a code is applied in which the last two digits indicate the delivery method:

  • 01 - street address;
  • 00 is the address of the mailbox or subscription box.

For example, the address can be specified as follows: 300 Kempston Road, Port Elizabeth, 6001.

In Pretoria, a slightly different format is used:

  • 02 - street address;
  • 01 is the address of the mailbox or subscription box.

The address will be in this format: 370 Church Street, Pretoria, 0002.

Features of South African postal codes

One of the main features of postal addresses in the Republic of South Africa is that it is not a city that is indicated, but only a suburb. For example, Yeoville geographically refers to Johannesburg, but this is not indicated when sending mail, for example: 43 Cavendish Road, Yeoville, 2198. Mail can be delivered either to a physical address or to a mailbox. This is especially common in rural areas of the country where street delivery is not readily available. In addition, many large South African organizations use the addresses of mailboxes. At the same time, mail contractors send mail to the holder. Individual mailboxes are often located at street delivery points. They are located near shops, markets, service stations and other public places. Thus, residents of the country can pick up mail at a convenient time, as a result of which home delivery in South Africa is not common.

How do I specify the correct zip code?

For a shipment to find a recipient, you must correctly specify a zip code. All indices of the Republic of South Africa are presented on this site in alphabetical order. You can easily find the desired option, as well as look at the map and as a list of addresses of post offices in the country.